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Quick cake with yogurt

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Here's a quick recipe for yogurt cake with the cake of our Juliana. It is very tasty and light. Try mandatory.



400 ml yogurt

400 grams fifth ber biscuits

8 tablespoons sugar

1 lemon

3 bags of whipped cream

100 grams of marmalade Apricot



Cookies crushed and put in a bowl for whipping. In the second vessel, and the sugar yogurt mix to dissolve. Pour over biscuits and stir all to be united. When the biscuits soak up the liquid chop the bananas into slices and mix with crumbs and lemon juice. Cake shaped as desired and smear jam Apricot.Dekorisati Cream that you are prepared according to the instructions on the bag.

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#1 Bixi 31-03-2012 09:02
and a rolling pin - good writing these recipes !!! -) D

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