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Chocolate biscuit cake

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A magnificent cake that can be easily and quickly saves!



5 dl milk

2 chocolate pudding

3 tablespoons sugar

250 g butter or margarine

200 g of powdered sugar

1 tablespoon cocoa

600 g petit biscuits

about 3.5 dl brewed strong coffee

whipped cream with chocolate



The 5 dl milk chocolate melt and cook the egg pudding with sugar and a little milk. Cover with plastic wrap, I now put plastic foil directly over the filling, not over the rim of the container, and allow to cool to room temperature. Foam whisk the egg yolks with powdered sugar, add cocoa and stir steamed about ten minutes. Allow to cool so unite with egg butter. Connect both cue and mix mixer at high speed to obtain a smooth and homogeneous. Allow fifteen minutes in the refrigerator before filleting. Biscuit to dip into cold coffee, arrange 5x4, so fill them 4 rows of biscuits and three rows cue. Gore put whipped cream chocolate mousse.

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